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RE: FlightWeb: Request


Your comments match my thoughts entirely. Your third point doesn't sound
strange at all. Even if the perpetrators of this horror will likely never
see the site and appreciate the message, we are telling each other that we
will not be held hostage by the intended subtle aspects of terrorism that go
beyond the main event.

Laurie Romig
Bayflite, St. Pete, FL

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> On 13 Sep 2001, Justin Mahosky.Flight Nurse wrote:
> > I think you should have the background of the page turned to black to
> > honor all the fire and rescue personal, police officers, and the
> > population that had their lives violently ended on 9/11/01.
> Thank you for your message. I've heard from one or two others but I know
> many more are wondering about this as well. I had considered doing this
> the moment I first heard about the tragedy, and after much deliberation,
> have decided not to.  I'd be glad to explain the reasons why.
> Mainly, I want to reserve that distinction for the terrible possibility
> that one of our own goes down during this time, if not one that happens
> while actually assiting in New York.
> Secondly, blacking out the site in this situation seems so trivial in
> perspective of what's actually happened to us as a nation. My heart wants
> to shut down the site entirely, and leave only a message stating, "Please
> stop surfing the 'net and spend the time reassuring your family and loved
> ones." Now, I won't do this, of course, but emotionally, that's how I feel
> right now, as I'm sure you can understand. Also, the very people that
> would be honored by it (family members and colleagues of those lost)
> frankly would never know about it anyway since they are focused on the
> tragedy at hand.
> Thirdly, and this might sound a little strange, but the entire point of
> this attack on our nation was to disrupt normal life and to diminish our
> comfort as much as possible, not just to destroy property and life. The
> perpetrators of this attack will be able to measure the success of their
> efforts by how normal, everyday life has been disrupted. Therefore, we as
> a nation can reduce their success by endeavoring to maintain our way of
> life as much as possible. From my own limited perspective, keeping
> FlightWeb in it's normal state sends a weak but well intentioned signal
> that the site is not disrupted and this industry in general has not been
> disrupted (it has been, but it's a feeble gesture on my part).
> I certainly hope this explanation is enough to answer your questions and
> has not offended anyone. There may well be another perspective that I have
> not considered and I'm open to discussing it further if necessary.
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