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Flight Physicians

I am trying to identify all rotor wing programs that use physicians 
as part of their regular crew configuration.  I have listed below the 
programs that I am aware.  If you know any others or if any on the 
list no longer fly docs, please let me know.  Reply offline.

MetroHealth LifeFlight, OH
UMASS LifeFlight, MA
St. Vincent/MCH LifeFlight, OH
Promedica Air, OH
Geisinger LifeFlight, PA
Stat Medevac, PA
UW Medflight, WI
University Aircare, OH
Methodist Lifeline, IN
Carraway Lifesaver, AL
Acadian Airmed, LA
MCW Flight for Life, WI
Spectrum Aeromed, MI
Survival Flight, MI


Curtis Sandy, MD

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