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Re: Use of LMA'S

Medcenter Air in Charlotte NC, we are using the LMA as part of our failed
intubation algorithmn. We are using the "fast-trach" LMA, it is an
"intubating LMA" once the LMA is placed, a endotracheal tube can be blindly
passed through it. I was on a flight were we needed to use it once this
spring, and it worked well for us. We were able to intubate blindly through
 I believe one of the draw backs to this type of LMA is its increased cost,
but it is sure nice to have in your bag of tricks!
Tim Martin, RN, BSN
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Date: Thursday, September 13, 2001 1:25 AM
Subject: Use of LMA'S

>I was wondering if there are programs that have the LMA's in their
protocols for difficult intubations and if so, how often are you using them.
I am working on a research project.  Thanks
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