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RE: NYC State of Emergency

From ACEP just now:


The American College of Emergency Physicians has received a large number of

phone calls and inquiries from emergency physicians throughout the country

offering assistance in response to today's terrorist attacks.


ACEP is deeply concerned about today's tragedies and is contacting federal,

military, and civilian officials to determine how emergency physicians can

be of assistance. As soon as we have additional information, we will notify



Thank you for your concern and willingness to assist.


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If anyone has any details on how to go about offering volunteer medical support ( ground or flight ) to those in NYC area who could use it, please drop me a message. Those ES personnel will be overwhelmed for days. Also I wonder if helos would be useful ( provided FAA allows them ) at least maybe moving from local hospitals to outlying facilities a distance from the city. If any of the program vendors are out there and see this message, what's think ?


Jim Kendrick, CFP





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