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RE: NYC State of Emergency

I spoke with my sister, who's with the South Florida DMAT, just a bit ago. It sounds like many DMAT's have been placed on alert status, with mobilization decisions to be made by tomorrow morning. She suspects that they will be used primarily to establish casualty collection points, where perhaps further evacuations might be performed. I'm sure that the local airspace will be very closely regulated. USAR teams are also being mobilized. I'm doubting that anyone who's not already federalized (as are the DMAT's and USAR's) will be allowed actually at the incident site, but I'll bet that volunteers will be needed to continue to provide routine EMS and fire care for the area. Perhaps New York state or the city will establish an office to coordinate volunteers, if one doesn't already exist.
My prayers go out to the law enforcement, fire and EMS folks who may have already given the ultimate sacrifice, as well as to all who are personally involved. Please, please let there be a massive CISM effort!
Laurie Romig
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If anyone has any details on how to go about offering volunteer medical support ( ground or flight ) to those in NYC area who could use it, please drop me a message. Those ES personnel will be overwhelmed for days. Also I wonder if helos would be useful ( provided FAA allows them ) at least maybe moving from local hospitals to outlying facilities a distance from the city. If any of the program vendors are out there and see this message, what's think ?
Jim Kendrick, CFP

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