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Re: NYC State of Emergency


The NDMS (National Defense Medical System) has been placed on alert status. I
am on one of the Teams (DMAT CA-6) that is currently on Standby for
deployment to NYC . USAR teams are already being sent. If the Federal
Response Plan is activated, most of the transports out of the area will be
coordinated by the Dept of Defense and Federal Coordinating Centers to other
hospitals. Most likely they will be looking for Medical personnel to relieve
providers in the area over the next several days. The Office of Emergency
Preparedness has a website at NDMS.org that will give situation reports  on
the disaster. If I hear anything more, I will try and  post it here.

Thanks for the concern and your suggestion,

Andy Swartzell, CALSTAR Flight Nurse
Disaster Medical Assistance Team CA-6

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