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RE: Sternal IOI Device

Our progream has been using the F.A.S.T. 1 I/O for about 2 years now.  We
were one of the original test sites for Pyng Medical.  All in all it has
been very useful for us.  I can't say for sure how often we've used it but I
think 30 times is a fairly accurate guess.  We have had a few failures but
the majority of these have been with very obese patients and the needle just
couldn't get through all the sub-Q tissue to the sternum.  Other than that
it is very fast and easy to use.  
The last patient I used it on was a trauma. The line was in in about 45
seconds from start to finish.  Rapid sequence drugs took effect just as
quickly as with a PIV and we were able to get nearly a liter of fluid in the
patient during an 6 minute flight.  They also are great in full arrest
situations when you need a quick IV for code drugs.
Hope this is info is a help to those of you considering using the F.A.S.T.
1.  I like it and would recommend it.

Stan Foster  RN
Northwest MedStar

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Would like to ask the group for input, feedback or thoughts on the
1 sternal I/O device by Pyng medical.



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