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Re: Patient Belongings

We also have a small section on our chart to document, but usually do not
get into doing a thorough inventory, I make sure I get the high priced
items, dentures, glasses, and wallet. We document who we turned the
belongings over to. When I worked in an ED we documented everything in the
wallet etc, down to how many 1's 5', and 20$'s-- we don't do that much
detail for the flight team. I highly prefer leaving those things with the
family if they are available!
Tim Martin RN
MedCenter Air
Charlotte NC
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Date: Friday, September 07, 2001 3:38 AM
Subject: Re: Patient Belongings

>We have an area on our patient chart where we document pt. belongings and
who we released them to.  It is part of our qa chart review also.
>Stan Grodrian RN EMT-P
>Hermann Life Flight
>Houston TX
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