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Flightmed archive for September-2001

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Re: ATTN: Rollie Parish et al...

Thanks for the kind words. I haven't been responding for the past 2 weeks as
I was out at Burning Man again, so thanks for answering the questions that
came up.


> BTW, for the record, the Flightmed list manager is Alan Dobrowlski, not
> me. I just handle the technical stuff since the software that makes the
> whole thing work is on the FlightWeb site. I don't want to speak for Alan,
> but we don't often run into things here that require 'coordinating', so
> he's not as up front and visible as he deserves to be. He always has
> played a critical role in this mailing list. He deserves a ton of credit
> for getting it started over six years ago and helping developing it into a
> mature on-line community.

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