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Re: Patient Belongings


At our program, we will itemize and document the patient valuables while in
flight (if time allows). We are then met in the ED by a patient
representative, who also itemizes, documents, and collects those items to be
placed in a secure location. We usually discuss the items to make sure there
is no discrepancy between the two. There is a special section in the patient
record for valuables/belongings, which we complete, that provides a pseudo
chain of command for the items. I have never (knock on wood) been questioned
about missing items in the six years doing it this way. I think it's pretty
thorough and seems to work for us.


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> A quick question to everyone:
> How does your program manage patient belongings (special container/bag,
> documentation of property transfer, etc.)?
> Thanks,
> Andrew Slemp
> UT Lifestar
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