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September 4th release of MERGINET.News!

We're pleased to bring you the latest additions to
MERGINET.News (September 2001 Vol. 6, No. 9).
You can view this issue online at:

Select "MERGINET.News" or "Current Issue" from
the navigation menu's.

For the first time, your worldwide website for emergency responders has been
delayed in honor of the Labor Day holiday in the U.S. Now online, the first
of our two September releases brings you interesting, timely material.
Please click onto the oldest emergency care site on the Internet to see what
’s new.

Read a well-written overview of stroke by new MERGINET author, Jeff Kopito.
It is accompanied by a profile of a stroke survivor, popular EMS speaker,
Marge Duchano. Alan Eade’s fifth missive from East Timor tells the story of
an infant contending with pneumonia in a developing nation (a far different
disease than in industrialized nations). And for fun, you’ll find a bit of
Internet-generated EMS humor as well.

The MERGINET columnists have been busy. Mike Taigman reviews a classic book,
“Moving Mountains.” Valerie DeFrance takes a fascinating look at difficult
teaching situations in the third installment of her “Problem Child” series.
Watch out! Vic & Vern are thinking “Air Medevac”! For managers, John
Becknell is back with two columns, one for managers (“Asking the Right
Questions”) and one for administrators (“Eat Like a Bird, Poop Like an
Elephant”). Tom Scott gives invaluable information about compliance.
Straight Talk talks about “Full-body Multi-tasking.”

Take a moment to check out our “Helpline” and see if you can send advice or
words of wisdom to those asking questions there -- it’s an EMS-community
place to share our collective street smarts! And it’s really easy to use.
Locate it in the left-hand column of MERGINET.

As always, feel welcome to send your comments, concerns, and compliments. We
reply to everyone who writes. Send email to publisher Richard Bilger at
rbilger@merginet.com or me at editor@merginet.com -- be in touch!

Welcome to September 4th, 2001!
Kate Dernocoeur, Editor

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New in this issue!


>> A Stroke in Time
by Jeff Kopito, EMT-D
With little knowledge of physiology, physicians in the time of Hippocrates
saw stroke as an act of swift and terrible violence by the gods. Poorly
understood, it came to be called "apoplexy," derived from the Greek for
"crippling stroke" as from a powerful weapon.

>> Whatever Happened to Marge Duchano?
by Kate Dernocoeur, Editor
Popular EMS speaker and humorist Marge Duchano hasn't been out on the
national lecture circuit this year — and many people are wondering why.
Marge, the woman with the twinkle in her eye and a ready joke on her tongue,
was temporarily benched from the bustle of daily life last October 10, when
she had a firsthand encounter with a stroke.

>> Alan's Adventures in East Timor, Report #5: Eight-month-old male with
pneumonia and malnutrition
by Alan Eade
I was dispatched to the rural district town of Same for a very sick child
with pneumonia. We were unable to get helicopter access due to cloud and
weather forecasts. Same is a long way (113 km) from Dili, and the road is
mostly 4WD track during the wet season.

Medic Life

>> STRAIGHT TALK: Total-body Multi-tasking
by Kate Dernocoeur
The paramedic held the IV in her teeth, a backpack on her shoulder, and a
coat folded over her arm. She pulled the stretcher with the other hand. At
the elevator, she punched the button for the first floor with her elbow,
checked the snugness of the patient's chest strap with her pinkie finger,
and nudged the stretcher over with her hip. There was time for a half-smile
through the IV bag, and a wink to the patient for reassurance during the
elevator ride.

>> Humor in EMS: Memo to Medical Personnel
by someone with a sense of humor
It has come to our attention from several emergency rooms that many EMS
narratives have taken a decidedly creative direction lately. Effective
immediately, all members are to refrain from using slang and abbreviations
to describe patients, such as the following....

>> Runnin' Red: Using Air Medevac
by Vic & Vern
There is probably no doubt in your mind that we are consulted on many
topics, including EMS topics! Given the vast amount of practical experience
and in-field knowledge we've obtained over the years at Vic and Vern's EMS
STAT RESCUE CAR WASH and VIDEO RENTAL, it is no surprise to us either! We're
just actually shocked we don't get more complaints about our advice....

Educators Corner

>> What Is Disruptive Behavior? Part 3
by Valerie DeFrance
Part One of this series reviewed general aspects about adult learners, and
Part Two looked at some potential causes, along with the disruptive
behaviors of disrespect and tardiness. In Part Three, I offer some solutions
and techniques in dealing with these students, along with additional
disruptive behaviors (speaking out of turn, ramblers, and helpers).


>> Studying a Study: Don't Get Stuck!
by Harold Cohen
This research review departs from the traditional EMS research to explore
the occupational safety component of EMS. Countless hours of training,
costly engineering controls, and several federally imposed standards
challenge the strongest of EMS provider groups that are trying to fit it all
in. To expect EMS organizations to comply with these new mandates,
scientific evidence is needed to both verify their efficacy and justify
their costs.

>> Book Review: Moving Mountains
by Mike Taigman
A friend of mine just returned my copy of Moving Mountains by Henry M.
Boettinger that she borrowed six years ago. It's an old favorite of mine,
and while I usually review current books in this column, this 1969 gem is
too good to ignore. Subtitled, "The art of letting others see things your
way," this is the best book on leadership communications and public speaking
that I've ever read.

Management Matters

>> Are You in Compliance?
by Tom Scott
I remember the good old days in EMS when all you had to do was take a first
aid class, buy an ambulance, and get on the dispatch list for the local
public safety dispatch agency to do EMS. You didn't need a state
certification for the service or the training. You sent bills to the patient
and collected them just like you would for anything else.

>> For Managers: Asking the Right Questions
by Lauren Simon Ostrow and John Becknell
Most EMS managers know that along with creative problem solving, one of the
most important things that they can do for their organizations is to
constantly ask questions. But sometimes the questions we ask in the heat of
the moment aren't very encouraging. Even though what we say sounds like a
question, too often it's really a challenge, a criticism, or a threat. As
managers, we've been on the receiving end of these kinds of questions, too.

>> For Administrators: Eat Like a Bird, Poop Like an Elephant
by John Becknell
Frank Pantridge was a revolutionary when he first introduced the idea of
treating cardiac patients in the field. Jim Page was a revolutionary when he
trooped around the country with the ACT Foundation touting the importance of
CPR. Jack Stout was a revolutionary when he introduced the concept of the
public utility model using just-in-time ambulance deployment. Alan Brunacini
was a revolutionary when he made customer service the top SOP in the Phoenix
Fire Department. Unknown EMS leaders everywhere are revolutionaries when
they buck conventional wisdom and introduce new ideas and services.

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