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Re: Incubators for ground transports

We also have the custom base/  have a hadraulic lift  (but broken down right now)/  also use the long ramps to load when docks are not available.  

>>> charles.a.freeman@verizon.net 08/31/01 10:08AM >>>
We use the custom bases like you have. However, our ambulances have a pair
of long metal ramps loaded in a compartment beneath the box. These ramps
hook on the aft end of the floor and allow the pig to be rolled up into the
ambulance. It's a lot lower tech than a hydraulic lift, but it doesn't
require anywhere near the strength of a dead lift bench press and it doesn't
break down. Cheaper, too.

Charlie Freeman

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Subject: Incubators for ground transports

> My Nurse Manager asked me to check with other programs that do ground
> transport of neonates in incubators.  We have been using the Airshields
> incubator set up that is on its' own wheels and have had hydraulic
> lifts on the back of the ambulances that pull out to load.  One of our
> rigs has recently been having a lot of trouble with the lift, and the
> folks who furnish our drivers have been trying to say that this is a
> bad setup anyway and we should go with incubators on ambulance cots, so
> if there is a breakdown any service could give us a lift.  The question
> we have is of anyone who has used both types of setups, which worked
> best or did you prefer?  Pros and cons from anyone with experience?  My
> concerns are would we be risking increased back injuries and or cot
> wheels failure to lock?  These incubator systems can be very heavy when
> they are fully loaded with monitors, vent, O2 and air tanks, etc.  The
> other thing I'm not completely sure of, are the locking mechanisms in
> ambulances compatible with all cots-if we did require roadside
> assistance from another local service?
> Thanks for any input you can give us on this.
> Sharon Olson,RN,CCRN
> Neo/Peds Transport
> University of Iowa Health Care
> Iowa City, Iowa
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