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Re: Flying patients to other hospitals

I guess this is one actual or potential consequence of a model in which the transport program is structurally part of the receiving facility. I understand the economic environment which has led to this being the reality.

In our part of the world, transport programs are deliberately not part of a particular receiving facility  - except where there is only one receiving facility for the whole region. 

While transport programs still compete for business, the destination hospital solution they deliver to the referrer physician will vary from time to time according to whether there is a suitable physician adviser available from that destination hospital and whether he can guarantee a bed etc.  The key is that the process of dispatching the transport team to the patient starts in parallel with the medical advice and determination of destination.   

This allows them to construct a clinical solution around the patient in the referring facility rather than one which suits or supports the destination facility.

Referring physician's calls made to our transport service are connected through (in conference) with our medical controller and the intensivist in the preferred destination hospital. This way referring physician preference is preserved.
>>> LJPeterman@aol.com 11/08/2001 3:40:01 >>>
Our hospital based program is considering making us fly all of our patients 
back to our hospital, with very few exceptions.  This would end a 20 year 
history of taking patients to whichever appropriate facility they or their 
sending physician requested.  There is only one other hospital in our town, 
and they have recently opened a cardiac   cath lab which is direct 
competition to our hospital's cardiac program.
I am interested in hearing from anyone who has gone through a similar 
situation.  I have questions as to the legality of such a decision.  Any 

Larry, RN, EMT-P 

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