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Medical Directors' Survey

Hi all:
I need your help with a project that is near and dear to my heart at the moment. I've recently put together a survey for airmedical and ground critical care transport medical directors regarding their knowledge of Critical Incident Stress Management  and their experience with critical incidents involving their transport programs. To the best of my knowledge, this subject has never been evaluated specifically from the medical director's perspective. From my own experience, and from the comments that I've received so far, it seems that I've hit upon a real area of need.
AMPA members have already received a copy of the survey by mail. I'd love for medical directors who are a part of this list who don't happen to be AMPA members to participate as well, and, hopefully, the rest of you will bring this survey to the attention of other medical directors too. I'm focusing on airmedical and critical care transport programs because they tend to be fairly small and very close-knit. Rollie has been good enough to post a link to the survey in the News section of the Flightweb (www.flightweb.com). A cover letter explaining a little more about the project is included in the file, which is in rtf format. Feel free to email, fax, or snail mail the survey to me at the contact info on the cover letter.
Thanks for your help in this. I anticipate publishing the results and hope that appropriate education and support resources will be the result.
To those of you who've already sent in your results, thank you for sharing your thoughts and encouraging comments!
Laurie Romig, MD
Bayflite, St. Pete, FL

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