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SPAM issue resolved. Thanks Bruce!

Dear Colleagues,

I wanted to pass along many thanks to Bruce Bowling of Careflight in
Lexington for his most excellent advice in reducing spam. I downloaded the 
free "Ad Aware" program from the web and ran it finding 4 suspicious cookies 
on my PC. After removing those files, I have not had a single piece of spam 
in three weeks! The software is completely free and a breeze to download, 
install and operate.

I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone dealing with SPAM on the list.

A hearty bolus of thanks, Bruce!

Jeff Miller, RRT
Beverly Hills, CA

>From: "1Bruce Bowling" <caduceus@bellsouth.net>
>Reply-To: flightmed@flightweb.com
>To: <flightmed@flightweb.com>
>Subject: Re: What's with all the SPAM?
>Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 18:10:49 -0400
> > Also... I'm fairly certain that if you visit some of the web sites that
> > place a "cookie" on your computer, that cookie can be used to track you
> > and spam you.
>Guys, this is exactly what happens.
>I usually don't do this to a list, but I would like to make a computer
>software recommendation.
>There is a freeware program call Adaware that scans your computer for
>cookies that send information aabout your web activities to various
>companies.  They use this information to target you for advertising.
>You can download this program from lavasoftusa.com.  I recommend you run
>this program once a week to keep your computer free of these cookies.  This
>has the added bonus of speeding up your Internet connection time, as this 
>when the information is transmitted.
>The first time I ran this program, I found 50+ reporting cookies on my
>Fly safe and enjoy the program.
>Bruce Bowling
>Lexington, KY
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