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Re: What's with all the SPAM?

> Also... I'm fairly certain that if you visit some of the web sites that
> place a "cookie" on your computer, that cookie can be used to track you
> and spam you.

Guys, this is exactly what happens.

I usually don't do this to a list, but I would like to make a computer
software recommendation.

There is a freeware program call Adaware that scans your computer for
cookies that send information aabout your web activities to various
companies.  They use this information to target you for advertising.

You can download this program from lavasoftusa.com.  I recommend you run
this program once a week to keep your computer free of these cookies.  This
has the added bonus of speeding up your Internet connection time, as this is
when the information is transmitted.

The first time I ran this program, I found 50+ reporting cookies on my

Fly safe and enjoy the program.

Bruce Bowling
Lexington, KY

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