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We're pleased to bring you the latest additions to
MERGINET.News (August 2001 Vol. 6, No. 8).
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Now on-line: the newest version of www.MERGINET.News, your worldwide web
dedicated to emergency care. The international emergency care community is
well-represented with a look at the work being done in Honduras by
Paramedics For Children, by Pam Cox, and the fourth installment of EMS in
East Timor, by Alan Eade. Closer to the USA (where MERGINET is based),
author Liz Wertz describes management of children with special health care
needs -- the ones who are so sick, they usually know more about their
problems than you do, and who are often surrounded by a bewildering array of
medical technology.

Firefighters! Have you tuned in to Scottie’s Fire Safety School? This great,
interactive CD can both teach kids in your service area how to avoid being
burned AND help your service raise funds. Check it out, in the “Features”

Our regular columnists bring plenty of great insights and information as
* Been exposed to HIV? Katherine West writes in her popular infection
control column how to get correct post-exposure prophylaxis
* Instructors: John Mateus’s column on student remediation is a must-read!
* In “Law Bytes” Doug Wolfberg and Cindy Staffelbach take a look at the OIG’
s answers to long-standing questions regarding payments to ambulance
providers and possible anti-kickback issues.
* The popular “Management Matters” section finds John Becknell writing about
listening, and Don Wetmore discussing the fine art of delegating.
* Read Brent Patterson’s excellent discourse on resuscitation
decision-making for dispatchers.
* See how Palm Pilot technology can ease your information overload, by Don

As always, please don’t be shy about sending us your Reader Feedback. We
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Welcome to the August 18th release of MERGINET.News!

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Kate Dernocoeur, Editor

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New in this issue!


>> In Her Own Words: With Eyes Cast Downward
by Pam Cox
The social classes in Honduras are well defined, and seldom do the poor
people ever glimpse, let alone enter, the world of the wealthy. If they find
it necessary to approach you, they will only talk to you with their eyes
cast downward. This is a show of respect, because they have been taught that
they are inferior. But I saw one man's opinion of himself change right
before my own eyes, and Rodger Harrison [Paramedics for Children] brought
about this change.

>> Emergencies in the Pediatric Office
by Elizabeth M. Wertz, RN, BSN, MPM, PHRN, EMT-P, CMPE
Imagine being called to a pediatric office for a "10-year-old female in
continued respiratory distress despite aggressive asthma management —
patient known to you." When you arrive at the scene, someone is standing at
the front door of the building prepared to usher you inside. This calm,
friendly person takes you directly to Suite 604 where you find a very
organized scene. A 10-year-old child with special health care needs (CSHCN)
is in acute respiratory distress and is being given a breathing treatment.

>> Alan's Adventures in East Timor, Report #4
by Alan Eade
Our service was dispatched to the police academy for a report of a "very ill
cadet." Arriving soon after, we found a 24-year-old male East Timorese
police cadet (Timor Loro Sae Police Service) in his accommodation bungalow.

>> Fundraising 101 for Fire Departments: Scottie's Fire Safety School CD-ROM
by Syd Canan
In a world with shrinking budgets and expanding demands, fire services are
hard-pressed to bake enough cookies for bake sales. Generating dollars is
under extreme pressure — more so than even the stoutest fire hose. Add the
fact that fully 74 percent of firefighters are volunteers (and that this
"free" source of manpower is dwindling fast) and the whole scenario is
downright bleak.

Medic Life

>> HIV Post-exposure Prophylaxis — Getting It Right
by Katherine West, BSN, MSEd, CIC
In 1990 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published its
first set of guidelines for offering antiviral drugs following an exposure
to an HIV positive patient. In the second set, published May 1996, the
criteria for offering these toxic drugs were more clearly stated. It stated
that these were to be offered within one to two hours of the exposure event
and that no data on the long-term effects of offering these drugs to healthy
individuals exists.

Educators Corner

>> Remediation... How Much Is Enough?
by John Mateus
The funny thing about teaching people is that they all learn differently. I
never really understood that until I started teaching commercially. My
neophyte days of teaching hospital workers (mostly nurses, physicians, and
various clinical people) exposed me to one audience only — healthcare types.
For the most part, they grasped concepts well, understood most of what I put
forth, and scored well on the tests. It wasn't until I started teaching
non-professional rescuers that I realized, "hey... some people can actually
'fail' CPR!"


>> Resuscitation: A Difficult Decision, or Not?
by Brett Patterson
Who makes the decision to resuscitate a victim of cardiac arrest? On what
criteria is that decision based? Deciding whether or not to resuscitate can
be difficult, even in the visual world of field and hospital medicine. Many
factors contribute to such a decision, including patient presentation, the
patient's immediate and past history, and the desires of family members.
Medical-legal factors such as "living wills" and Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)
orders, designed to simplify the issue, often complicate matters when they
require validation or when specific criteria must be evaluated.

>> Help in the Palm of your Hand
by Don Hunjadi
By now, many people are familiar with the Personal Data Assistants (PDAs)
that have flooded the market. If you don't already have a Palm Pilot,® it's
extremely likely you know someone who does. But have you ever considered
using a PDA for your work in EMS?

Management Matters

>> For Managers: The Heart of Listening
by John Becknell
A number of years ago I had one of those awful middle-of-the-night pediatric
asthma calls. The next morning I sought out my supervisor, Rick, to complain
about how the call had gone and about a difficult exchange I had had with
the child's parent. It was a Monday morning and Rick clearly had other
responsibilities, but he invited me into his office, offered a chair, and
sat down to listen.

>> Five Ways to Delegate
by Dr. Donald E. Wetmore
"I wish I had a 48-hour day," many have said to me. "I'd be able to get so
much more done!" Of course we can't get more than 24 hours out of each day
(even if we don't sleep), but we can get the equivalent through delegation
when we plug into someone else's time stream. The net result: multiplying
our own daily results.

>> Law Bytes: Clarity on Kickbacks
by Doug Wolfberg, Esq. and Cindy R. Staffelbach, EMT
The Office of Inspector General (OIG) from the Department of Health and
Human Services (HHS) issued three advisory opinions on July 20, 2001 that
help clear up some long-standing questions regarding payments to ambulance
providers and possible anti-kickback issues.

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