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Incoming Fixed WIng flight personnel on ground units

Hi all question for the group,
      Can anyone help me with your states jurisditional requirements regarding fixed wing flight personnel operating in the back of an ambulance while transporting from the aircraft to the receiving facility.
Quite often patients are transported from state to state, when a flight crew arrives to pick up a patient whether it be in their base state or out of state, the ground unit that is sent is either BLS or ALS.  My question is if a BLS unit is sent to pick up or the crew or patient requiring ALS care, what guidelines are there state by state for flight crews to operate in the back of another states ambulance or do we need to have ALS units pick us up for transfer of our patients to the receiving facility.
Michael D. Graf NREMT-P
Director Air Medical Operations
Able American Jets
Ft. Pierce, Florida  

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