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Re: Nursing history

If I'm not mistaken (and I could be... ) I think I've seen the movie that
David is looking for, "Flight Nurse," offered for sale on eBay.  Not that I
would unduly advertise eBay's services, but I've found some stuff there
(like an old Parcheesi set) that I couldn't find at more mainstream shops or

Good luck, and thanks for the leads on two cool-sounding books!  Have a safe
summer, all...

Cece Peterson
LifeFlight, Pittsburgh

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Subject: Nursing history

> For those interested in historical aspects of the nursing profession,
> especially where nursing has existed outside the perceived boundaries of
> hospital walls (ie, flight nursing), I learned about two new books today
> may be worthwhile.
> The issue of Nurseweek that landed in my mailbox today mentions two books
> that deal with nursing during wartime.  The first is "Nurses at the Front:
> Writing the Wounds of the Great War", by Margaret Higonnet (ed.)  It is
> actually a combination of two other texts written by nurses who served in
> World War I, Ellen N. La Mott and Mary Borden.  As the article states, "La
> Motte's and Borden's writings recount in detail the surgical wards and
> operating rooms of WWI.  They reveal the moral dilemmas faced by those had
> make decisions about the lives and deaths of soldiers, and invite readers
> enter the WWI nurse's world and to understand her professional and
> struggles."  Look for this book at Northestern University Press:
> www.neu.edu/nupress.  (The site is currently under reconstruction, so I
> couldn't find the price).
> The second book is "In and Out of Harm's Way: A History of the Navy Nurse
> Corps", by Doris Sterner.  Sterner recounts the founding of the Navy Nurse
> Corp, which was inspired by the Red Cross Nursing Service.  This book can
> ordered from the Navy Nurse Corps Association: www.nnca.org/shop.  The
> is $24.95.
> Lastly, I need some help.  There was a film released in 1954 entitled,
> "Flight Nurse", starring Joan Leslie
> (www.picturegoer.com/picturegoer/flignur19.html). The web site discusses
> film, but no one has a copy available anywhere.  Has anyone here ever seen
> this film or know where a copy can be had?  How about any of our military
> nurses?
> Enjoy!
> David Kearns, MS, RN, CFRN
> Immediate Past President, ASTNA
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