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Calling all DEDICATED Neo/Peds Teams!

Hello all!

We are interested in compiling some data in regards to many aspects of Neonatal/Pediatric Transport Teams and need your help!

We have several questions and would appreciate your responses.  Please reply to private email: nicu98@aol.com,  unless you feel would benefit entire listserve!

Here we go....time to play 20 questions!!

1) Are you a dedicated Neo/Peds Team? (ie: don't transport adult populations)

2) Do you transport Neo/Peds population based on AGE or WEIGHT or something other?

3) If transport by age...what age range of Neo/Peds does your service transport?  (ie: premie-3yrs; premie-8yrs; etc)
3) If transport by weight...what weight range do you use? (ie: 0-5kg, etc)

4) Does your facility have a Medical Director in charge of transports?  If so, briefly describe what this person's responsibilities are.

5) What is your volume of Neonatal/Pediatric transports annually?   By air?  By ground?

6) Do you have a helicopter/ambulance system dedicated to ONLY neonates/pediatrics or does your facility "share" transport vehicles with other services? (ie: Adult teams)  

7) If your service "shares" transport vehicles, how are your protocols set up?  Briefly describe.

8) What is your team's composition?  (ie: RN/RN; RN/Medic; etc)

9) Do you attend scene flights when your patient population is involved at a scene?

10) What are your response time requirements for your facility/region?

11) Do you have in-house pilots? in-house drivers? If so what are their responsibilities during down time?

12) If pilots or drivers out-of-house, what are their required response times?

13) Does your program staff for 2nd and 3rd runs/calls?  If so, explain. (ie: at home on-call? etc.)

14) What is the rate of on-call pay at your facility?
In-house?  Out-of house?

15) What required training/certifications are required of your team members?  Does your facility recognize individual certifications monetarily?

16) How many full time "lines" or positions does your Neonatal/Pediatric Team have?  Do you have part-time staff?

17) How many dedicated transport RN's work per shift? Transport RT's, etc?

18) How are your shifts organized? (12hrs, 24hrs, rotating, etc)

19) What are your other responsibilities during "down-time?"  (ie: staffing, IV's, helping busy units, etc.)  AND...how do these responsibilities affect response time at your facility if at all?

20) Does your facility have "Hazard-Pay" or "Greater Responsibility-Pay" while out on transport?  If so, how much?  Briefly describe.

Whew...all done!!
Thank you all in advance for your honest answers!  If anyone has any questions we would love to try and help you all out as well!

Thanks again, 

Amy Bornkessel, RNC, BSN
Neonatal/Pediatric Transport Team
University of Iowa Health Care
Children's Hospital of Iowa

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