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RE: Vent ?

Thanks for your comments. We currently have the 750. what is your weight/and or flow rate that you use for the neo vs peds vs the adult circuits? I would appreciate any help you could give me in this area.  Thanks.
Becky Thiele,RN, CEN,HP
Critical Care Coordinator
Life Star, Erie PA
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Hello All!
      We use the UniVent 754 and its predecessor (the 750?). We carry
disposable adult, peds, and neonate circuits. I have used the vent on adult
to small peds (not quite neonate size but close) with no problems. The 754
must have the flow rate reprogrammed for peds, which requires getting into
the programming mode and decreasing the flow rate there. I have used the 750
on small peds, also with no problems. While the 754 lets you set the tidal
volume directly, on the older model you set the flow after calculating what
you need for a given tidal volume. At low flow rates the control is very,
very touchy. This requires the operator to carefully set things up with a
test lung before attaching to a patient.
      One hint for the hard to read LCD screen on the 754. It's easier to
read in some situations if you turn on the backlight. We found that the
screen was easier to read in bright light if you did this. The automatic
sensor that turns on the backlight under low light conditions is in the
picture of the eagle on the unit's face. Cover this small hole with a piece
of tape and the backlight will come on and stay on.
      For neonates, I admit I much prefer the good, old-fashioned MVP-10
pressure ventilator we use on the transport isolette during neonate

George Simons, RN, MS, FNP-C
Flight Nurse
LifeNet Arizona
Tucson, Arizona

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