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Re: A reply for Kenneth Conn


Well put...!!  Regardless of your opinions of Air Evac, those of us who have 
been in this business for years understand that, while we love the job we do, 
our most important task is to return home to our families at the end of the 
shift.  If you have any doubt (and I mean ANY doubt) about the safety of 
flights you are taking, you had better look for another air medical employer.  
Ken, best of luck to you and the rest of your crews and, as our brethren, our 
thoughts and prayers are with you all as you fly.  My only word of caution 
would be to understand the risks involved in this profession and ask yourself, 
if you were put in a situation in which you did not feel comfortable, would 
your pilot, partner, and company support an abort call.  If not.....

C. Vaughan RN CEN CCRN
Flight Nurse

> Dear Ken,
> I believe it was Abraham Lincoln who said something to this effect:
> "The only thing worse than for people to think you are ignorant, is
> to open your mouth and remove all doubt".
> Glad to hear you're happy in your one month history with "Scare-Evac". My 
> lifelong friend and brilliant Respiratory Therapist Julie Huttegger, begs to 
> differ with you regarding Air Evac's safety commitment. Julie was killed in 
> her very first AND very last flight ever. Sadly, she too chose Air Evac 
> Lifeteam in Cape Girardeau, Missouri as her very first flight program. Ask 
> any one of your colleagues about this crash and perhaps talk to the pilot. 
> Sadly, he was the only survivor. Last I heard he was still too crippled to 
> pass his medical.
> IT IS MY OPINION that the programs like Air Evac, (the ones that sell 
> "memberships"), put an incredible amount of pressure upon their pilots to 
> fly at all cost, even in less than ideal weather to preserve a client's 
> annual dues. Sadly, this pilot's decision to fly this night cost me and 
> numerous others much grief and the world a truly gifted Respiratory Care 
> Practitoner.
> If you think that I am just a disgruntled person getting vengeance you are 
> wrong. This is but ONE of Scare-Evac's numerous failures to maintain 
> altitude. I truly am concerned for your safety as you sound as if you are 
> new to this business. The one month of Air Evac's success in your eyes can 
> and will NEVER erase the long standing history the West Plains company has 
> been plagued with for years.
> Yes, this is a fun and very rewarding career. But it IS NOT worth taking 
> risks to accomplish your mission. PERIOD.
> I sincerely pray that you live long enough to realize the truth and I also 
> pray that you are not a husband nor a father.
> Sincerely,
> P.R. Adams
> Chicago, IL

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