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Re: Air-Evac EMS

    I would like to express my opinion from an Air Evac employee standpoint.
I realize everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Rumors will always
circulate but most are just that, rumors! I have been with the company about
a month and in that month I have seen a remarkable flight service. Before I
took the position with Air Evac, which was also before they opened a base in
my area, I had interviewed with several other flight services. I had been
gathering a lot of information on flight services when I heard that a new
Air Evac base had opened in my area. I inquired about this new service and
and was given information on applying to attend the Air Evac Academy in West
Plains, MO. I signed up and was accepted into the academy in April. They
only accept about 16 people per class based on his/her qualifications. The
academy lasted five days. These five days proved to be the most educational,
informative and fun classes of my entire EMS career. The instructors were
exceptional. They covered everything from advanced airways to aircraft
safety. This also included actual flying time, both day and night
operations. After the academy, I knew that this was the flight service that
I wanted to be affiliated with.
    Now that I am at my base, I see an inside view of what goes on. This
company is extremely concerned with safety, education, and patient
treatment/transport. We also have exceptional public relations and community
involvement. Just last shift, along with flying two patient missions, we
also flew to two vacation bible school events. This was solely for the
children's enjoyment and education. Where else can you do this type PR?
Sure, we may not have the largest aircraft or the most expensive paint
scheme. Guess what, though? They aren't able to set down at local events, or
at least not many, just for the publics knowledge and enjoyment.
    I am sorry for the long message. I just thought that this should be
addressed on the flightweb to everyone since other comments were addressed
to the whole. I would encourage everyone with questions to check out Air
Evac's website. The address is www.air-evac.com   This is an exceptional
website and has information on the company and all the bases, along with
information on training and requirements. Feel free to contact me also with
questions. My email is medic77@peoplepc.com I will try my best to answer
them or I will direct you to the appropriate person. Remember that we are
all in this for the same reason. There are some really great flight services
out there, I just wanted to add Air Evac to the list.

Eli Conn,  B.S., CCEMT-P
Flight Paramedic
Air Evac Lifeteam

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