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I need some help with a few questions for a proposal to the director of
operations. I am a new flight nurse w/ no previous flight experience and
would like some information about the following areas of Aeromedical
Industry. Please include if you are a private company or hospital based

1. What type  of Educational Program is offered to New Hire RN's and
      a. Clinical time
      b. Didactic (Classroom time)

2. Are Uniforms provided by the company or are they purchased by the employee?
      a. If provided what is provided

3. Does your company participate in a clinical ladder program for both
paramedics     and nurses?
      a. if so what are the criteria for each level

4. What is your Chief Flight Nurses function w/in the company?

5. Are any of your certifications or education reimbursed by the company?

Please email me privately @ errn73@aol.com

Thank You in Advance for your help w/ my research.

Melanie RN BSN

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