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Flightmed archive for March-2001

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1.	Do you carry NS LR or Blood? We carry all three

2.	Does your program have specific parameters for who should receive
fluid resuscitation?
	Hard to define what you are looking for.  Anyone who is symptomatic
will receive fluid	resuscitation.  We require that the patient has been
administered 2000cc crystaloids, 	before receiving blood products
(medical control is notified for the pediatric 	environment).

4.	Does you program differentiate blunt from penetrating trauma with
regards to fluid
	resuscitation? NO

6.	How much fluid is routinely given to each patient population?  That
would be patient
	specific according to their injuries.  We administer 2000 cc
crystaloid before blood.

7.	Lactated ringers until time for blood administration, then switched
to NS.

8.	Ringers

9.	2000cc of cystaloids

10.	rotor wing

11.	hospital sponsored

12.	hospital based

Debbie Pickett, R.N., C.E.N.
Chief Flight Nurse
UT Lifestar Aeromedical Services
Phone: (865) 544-8992
Fax:     (865) 544-8868
E-mail:  dpickett@mc.utmck.edu

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