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RE: Missing messages

I think we ought to take Rollie out and flog him for this!!! :) Thanks for
all you do bud!

Kenneth E. (Kenny) O'Rourke

-----Original Message-----
From: Rollie Parrish [mailto:rparrish@flightweb.com]
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2001 05:50
To: flightmed@flightweb.com
Subject: Missing messages

It's taken a lot of investigation, but we've finally come up with a
solution to the problem with missing email messages being sent by the
list. Again, this problem only affected a small percentage of people as
well as the Flightmed Archives. I won't go into the boring technical
details but there are a couple of things everyone should be aware of.

1) When posting messages, please make sure your email software does not
send messages in HTML format only. Messages should be sent in plain text
or BOTH plain-text and HTML, but not HTML alone. Any messages sent in
strictly HTML will automatically be rejected and sent back to you.

2) The "unsubscription and help" instructions that used to be attached to
every message will no longer be there. This turned out to be partially
responsible for the missing message problem. The bottom line is that there
will be no bottom line on each Flightmed message with unsubscription
instructions. : )

I'm really sorry about the inconvenience this has been over the past few
months. Any questions or feedback, please let me know privately.

Rollie Parrish					rparrish@flightweb.com
FlightWeb: For Air Medical Professionals	http://www.flightweb.com

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