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There was a published study in either JAMA or Annals of Emerg Med back 
around 1990 that attempted to measure patient outcomes in ground vs air 
evacuation from the scenes of Motor Vehicle Accidents. If memory serves, 
they determined that outcomes were not significantly affected when the 
patient was less than 18 ground miles from the receiving trauma center, 
regardless of the mode of transport.

Sorry I can't be of more help..

John Linko
Grand Junction, Colo
(We will likely be living that debate for a while)

>From: "Foster, Stanley R." <FosterS@nwmedstar.org>
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>Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 09:37:40 -0800
>I'd like to hear from anyone who has information on morbidity and mortality
>info with regard to air vs ground transport.  In other words, is there
>research out there that shows a benefit to the patient who receives rapid
>air transport rather than ground, especially if the ground time is more 
>10-15 minutes?  I think we all know anecdotal incidences but if someone can
>point me to hard, researched facts I'd very much appreciate it.  Thanks
>Stan Foster
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