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Re: IV fluid warmers

I am with a ground service serving about 2700 square miles of incorporated
and remote desert area as well as special events (300-400/year). We do not
have overly aggressive winters with the exception of responses into the
mountains and winter nights that get below freezing.

For a three month period, we keep an old crock pot with two to three IV bags
kept in the warm water and we grab them on the way out the door. A shore
line keeps a space warmer running in the units on call and the fluids there
are usually about 70 degrees F in the units themselves. A simple solution
without over-engineering the problem.

Jurry Van Ark

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Date: Thursday, January 25, 2001 12:06 PM
Subject: IV fluid warmers

>What is everyone using for IV fluid warmers in the aircraft? I am familiar
>with the Hot Sac. Are there others besides the Hot Sac? For those that use
>the Hot Sac.... does it work well for you... and have you had any problems?
>Thanks for your help!
>You mail email me directly if you prefer <A
HREF="ltkf7372@aol.com">ltkf7372@aol.com</A> .
>Loren Thompson

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